Drake Fans Are Having Fun With Memes About Him Getting Booed At ‘Camp Flog Gnaw’

Usually, when you get the biggest artist in the rap game to headline your music festival, fans will be pleased. However, when you bring the biggest artist in the rap game to a festival geared toward late teens and early 20-something suburban kids, you get what happened to Drake at Camp Flog Gnaw this past weekend when Tyler The Creator brought him out.

Below are memes of Drake after getting booed offstage.

Drake, the secret headliner, was booed off the stage. According to Entertainment Tonight, an eyewitness said Drake was only booed when he asked the crowd if they wanted to hear songs and that the crowd was under the impression Drake was only doing a handful of songs before the “real” surprise headliner Frank Ocean graced the stage.

After the event, Drake made light of the situation via his Instagram account.

In addition, Tyler The Creator expressed his displeasure of Drake getting booed via his Twitter account.

That said, the internet remains undefeated, as Drake fans have not held back the memes. Below are the best of the best.

Saving the best for last, Drake singing to Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin ‘Bout You” is the winner.

Check out Drake getting booed in the clip above.