Drake And Nicki Minaj Reunite In A Post Promoting The New Polo G Album

Until very recently, it had been kind of a while since we last heard Drake and Nicki Minaj together on a song, or even seen them in the same place at the same time. A lot of that was probably due to the rigors of their individual schedules and some of it might have been residual resentment over Drake’s tiff with Meek Mill while the latter was dating Nicki and a bit of it could just have been the results of growing up and growing apart, which happens to a lot of people in life.

But fortunately for fans of their tag-team chemistry, the duo recently reunited — along with Young Money founder/mentor Lil Wayne — on “Seeing Green” from the DSP version of her seminal mixtape Beam Me Up, Scotty, which she finally got around to uploading a month ago. Despite Nicki admitting that her collaborators “washed” her on the track, the result was a satisfactory conclusion that seemed to also wash away the years of disconnect between the trio, as Nicki revealed in a behind-the-scenes clip from the making of the song.

It seems that Drake and Nicki also finally found time in their busy schedules to link up in real life, as Nicki posted the first photo of them together in years on her Instagram in a post hyping her newly released collaboration with Polo G, “For The Love Of New York.” “Oh, look who stopped by, ya’ll?” Nicki purrs as Drake poses and mugs in the background. It’s unsure whether they were working on new music or just finally sharing the playdate they previously penciled in for their kids. For some fans, it’s just enough to see two of the icons of the past decade still flourishing after all this time.