Watch Drake Give A Tour Of His Brand New Private Plane, ‘Air Drake’

Drake bought a plane. This doesn’t seem like the sort of thing that should surprise anyone, but it’s also something that still somehow seems unexpected. Of all the things we’ve been waiting on Drake to do — drop a new album, collaborate with people he shouldn’t, hop on Lil Nas X’s or Megan Thee Stallion’s musical wave — it doesn’t seem likely anyone was waiting on him to buy and show off a private “Air Drake” jet.

He did it though — and apparently, he paid the cost straight up, “No rental, no timeshare,” as he puts it in the above video. In 2010, Virgin America (RIP) used an “Air Drake” marketing stunt to mark its first flight from LAX to Toronto, hosting a mid-air launch party with then-California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Drake, and Virgin owner Richard Branson. In hindsight, things like this are probably why Virgin America was absorbed by Alaska Airlines last year.

Hopefully for the Canadian superstar, the new “Air Drake” will stay in business as he racks up the air miles on his international tours, crisscrossing the globe in search of more hidden subcultures to take inspiration from. The plane, which features the OVO owl logo as well as his “6 God” prayer hands on the tail, establishes that Drake really might be the biggest star on the planet right now — and in the skies over it.