Drake Won A Huge Bet Against Quavo When Alabama Beat Georgia In The National Championship

Everybody knows Drake loves his sports. Whether he’s actually taking the court, or doing interviews on the sidelines, the 6 God always finds his way to get close to a game. From the looks of it, Drake likes to bet big money on his passion as well, and he put some more money on the line for Monday night’s big college football National Championship game, and thanks to Alabama and a freshman quarterback named Tua Tagovailoa, he came out a big winner against another rap star: Georgia superfan Quavo.

Yes, according to Drizzy’s Instagram, he won big bucks against Quavo after they bet on the game, with the Migos MC of course rooting on his beloved Georgia bulldogs. While Quavo enjoyed the game from the Georgia sideline, Drake took in the big victory at home, and broadcast the emotional ride on his Instagram story for the whole world to see. Just like every other Bama fan, he freaked out when a huge field goal miss forced the game into overtime, but eventually he got the last laugh and demanded that Quavo pay him his “chips with the Huncho Jack dip!” Eventually, he joyfully showed off “like one fourth” of his winnings, holding the money over a signed jersey and some more autographed Bama merchandise that would be sure to send the NCAA into a frenzy. Hopefully Drake’s outpouring of support for Alabama and those autographs doesn’t result in an NCAA violation for the newly minted National Champions.