Drake Won His Rec. Basketball League Championship And Celebrated Like It Was The NBA Finals

Anybody who knows anything about Drake is fully aware that the rapper is a huge basketball fan. He had the time of his life during the Toronto Raptors’ championship parade in 2019, and he got himself a personalized championship ring worth more than an annual salary at a high-paying job. Drake has been known to play ball himself from time to time (like a run he had with Justin Bieber and Quavo earlier this year), and that includes the Sanctuary Basketball League, his recreational league.

The league championship recently went down (on Drake’s literal home court at his Toronto mansion), and his team came out ahead. Naturally, Drake did some celebrating, and it went above and beyond the conclusions of most rec. leagues: There was confetti, champagne, championship shirts, championship hats, and a raised platform in front of a media wall.

Drake actually got in a bit of a beef after the league finals. Everyday Struggle co-host Wayno commented on Drake’s celebration, “Of course he won the championship in his gym lol.” Drake fired back, “U love to chat about next man ur a nerd.” Wayne responded, “I’m the nerd? nah Gz you just bothered by anything, imagine being bothered after winning a championship.”

Ultimately, this could be the most notable basketball championship in Toronto this year, as the Raptors are fresh off a loss to the Celtics in a back-and-forth seven-game series.