Watch As Salman Rushdie Recites Lyrics From Fellow Scholar Drake

People enjoy hearing rap lyrics recontextualized into humorous settings. The apotheosis of this phenomenon is when rap lyrics, which are often raunchy and boisterous, are read by stuffy, proper type folks. Salman Rushdie is one of the most acclaimed, accomplished authors of his generation, even though his book The Satanic Verses got a fatwa called on him. When you’ve faced down that, reciting some Drake lyrics is no problem at all.

Rushdie was on CBC, Canada’s answer to the BBC, recently to promote his new novel. The Canadian channel decided the best thing to do was to get him to read some lyrics from their country’s current foremost word slinger, Drake. Rushdie read excerpts from five different Drake songs, “6 God,” “6 PM in New York,” “Forever,” “Know Yourself,” and “What’s My Name.”

It’s quite clear when watching the video that Rushdie is not terribly familiar with Drake’s work, and he provides his own little thoughts and insights along the way in terms of what a man who has dedicated his life to words feels about Drake’s rhymes. He seems somewhat enthused, overall. Perhaps this is the beginning of lifelong fandom for Rushdie. Or, perhaps, Drake will repay the favor and reference The Moor’s Last Sigh in an upcoming song.

(Via Stereogum)