Drake Partners With Caffeine To Live Stream The URL Rap Battle League

Fans of the Ultimate Rap League rap battle series just might become the biggest Drake fans yet as the Canadian rap royal announces a partnership with new streaming app Caffeine to live stream URL battles.

Caffeine is a streaming app geared toward fans of eSports and gaming featuring shows like The Dungeon Run and live streams from gamers like Lil Xan and Ronnie 2K. Their exclusive partnership with Drake will allow the URL to be streamed live for free for the first time since its inception. In an announcement on, Caffeine’s founder, Ben Keighran — a former Apple designer — explained the rationale for the partnership.

“Drake, if you look at his career in the last ten years, is defined as the biggest artist in the world,” he said. “This is a guy that can catch the attention of not just the entertainment world, but the gaming world as well.” Of course, Keighran is referencing Drake’s burgeoning involvement with the gaming world — from livestreaming with Ninja in 2018 to partnering with this gaming-first platform to stream rap battles — which is something Uproxx may have predicted a few years ago.

“The first thing we’re bringing out with him is not actually a video gaming thing,” Keighran said, noting that the partnership allows Drake to “do whatever he wants.”