Drake Teases A TikTok-Ready New Song, ‘Toosie Slide,’ Is Coming Very Soon

When even Drake is hopping on the TikTok wave, it’s obvious that the viral-ready social media platform has reached its boiling point. Drake teased the release of some new music just a day ago, capitalizing on the viral potential of a hopeful dance craze with “Toosie Slide.” Today, he has announced its official release date: Thursday at midnight.


In typical Drake fashion, he gave a nod to the dance’s creator, a social media dancer named — you guessed it — Toosie, as well as the song’s producer, OZ, with whom Drake previously worked on “Sicko Mode” and his 2019 single “Omertà.” As for the song itself, Drake leaked it via Toosie’s Instagram page in a dance video showing off some fancy footwork. The video has since racked up a quarter of a million views. Eventually, it became popular on TikTok, prompting Drake to promise via the comments on Toosie’s page that the song would eventually drop due to its “insane” popularity.

The song would be Drake’s first official solo release of 2020 after helping Future dominate the charts earlier this year with “Life Is Good” and roasted Lil Yachty in the video for the younger rapper’s comedic “Oprah’s Bank Account” video. Drake did also release a music video for a pair of freestyles paying homage to Jay-Z and Eminem.

“Tootsie Slide” releases 4/2 at midnight.