Drake Celebrated So Much After The Toronto Raptors Won The NBA Finals

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Due to his intense passion and seemingly omnipotent presence, Drake made himself a major headline during this NBA postseason. He was the Toronto Raptors’ most vocal fan throughout their playoff run (perhaps too vocal at times), and after they defeated the Golden State Warriors in Game 6 to claim the championship, there was much celebration

The game was in Oakland, but Drake was not there. Instead, he hosted a huge celebration for the team back in Toronto. He was overjoyed at the final buzzer, and he even gave a postgame interview, in which he said, “This is poetic. This is poetic, you just got to watch it happen. The Six in 6, Kyle Lowry with the ring, Kawhi Leonard bring a ‘ship to the city… I want my chips with the dip, that’s all I know.” He also took a moment to FaceTime Steph Curry, who was seen on the call with Drake as he was leaving the arena.

Drake also posted a handful of images on Instagram, including a Photoshop job of himself in the iconic photo of Michael Jordan holding the Larry O’Brien Trophy.


Perhaps the most interesting of Drake’s postgame social media activity, though, was the promise of two new songs coming today: “Omertà” and a Rick Ross collaboration, “Money In The Grave.”


Now, it looks like the Drake curse may finally be over.