Drake Just Dropped Four New Songs On OVO Sound Radio To Get Fans Ready For ‘More Life’

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When Drake makes special announcements for his Beats 1 radio show OVO Sound, you just know he has something up his sleeve. This week he bumped the show to right in the middle of an NFL Sunday, just to announce he’s dropping a new “playlist” this December titled More Life.

He wasn’t done there though, because later in the show Drizzy decided to drop four new tracks, including three from More Life to feed his fans insatiable hunger for new material from the 6 God.

First up was “Two Birds One Stone,” where he finally spoke, on record, about the Lil Wayne – Cash Money Records situation, saying “Free C5, how the f**k they got the boss waiting?” Oh yeah, and he decided to take a shot at Kid Cudi, who had some words for Drake earlier this month, with “you was the man on the moon now you just going through phases.”

Then he remixed Dave’s “Wanna Know,” because what’s an episode of OVO Sound without Drake remixing something that isn’t his. Next was a London On Da Track produced banger “Sneakin’,” featuring 21 Savage, which he teased on Instagram earlier in the week. It’s another big look for 21, and the latest example of the Drake stimulus package that should help him continue his non-stop ascent closer and closer to the mainstream.

Finally, there was the bouncy number “Fake Love,” a track where he juggled a sing-song delivery and some rapping that he previewed at a Detroit club back in August.

“Two Birds One Stone”

[protected-iframe id=”495964880f9524836a5a0329b0165ede-60970621-76566046″ info=”//tools.applemusic.com/embed/v1/song/1170681317?country=us” width=”100%” height=”110px” frameborder=”0″]

“Wanna Know” (Remix)

[protected-iframe id=”5bd8aeee2f44cb71229119ba24832207-60970621-76566046″ info=”//tools.applemusic.com/embed/v1/song/1170737011?country=us” width=”100%” height=”110px” frameborder=”0″]

“Sneakin'” (Feat. 21 Savage)

[protected-iframe id=”d588921ac3ac81ab383160160e47b234-60970621-76566046″ info=”//tools.applemusic.com/embed/v1/song/1168503185?country=us&at=10lM5B” width=”100%” height=”110px” frameborder=”0″]

“Fake Love”

[protected-iframe id=”f0b7445db262d5df276c57b51e8cf865-60970621-76566046″ info=”//tools.applemusic.com/embed/v1/song/1168503281?country=us&at=10lM5B” width=”100%” height=”110px” frameborder=”0″]