For Christmas, Drake’s Uncle Framed The First Royalty Check He Ever Received

If anyone is having a good Christmas, it’s Drake — we already know he enjoys the finer things in life and isn’t afraid to splurge on a special occasion. But he’s also a big fan of nostalgia, and celebrating how far he’s come. His uncle knows that well, and sent Drizzy the kind of sentimental gift that only family can pull off.

In a sweet Instagram story posted on Christmas Eve, Drake shared a photo of the framed, carefully displayed first royalty check that the Canadian super star earned from his own music. “My uncle found and gifted me my first earnings from music,” he wrote. “Came a long way from 3 bills in royalties.”


The check was for $304.04 – hence the three bills reference — and is dated November 2007, aka right around the time his second mixtape, Comeback Season, was released. The certificate that came along with the check is from the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada or SOCAN, wh also issued the check, and they offer their congratulations as well. “Congratulations in recognition of your first performance royalties we are pleased to present you with this commemorative certificate,” it reads.

Well, there’s still some things money can’t buy, and memories of your first check is definitely one. Merry Christmas Drake!