DRAM’s Collaboration With Neil Young For The ‘Bright’ Soundtrack Is Fascinating

Some collaborations are absolutely perfect, as natural to think about as peanut butter and jelly. Then there’s “Bright,” DRAM‘s unlikely pairing with Neil Young for the soundtrack to Netflix’s new Will Smith movie, Bright. It’s a bit like pineapple on pizza: Weird to think about, strange in execution, and not for everybody, but if you’re willing to get past the frankly bizarre combination, it may end being something you love.

This particular combination was teased last year as a result of a mutual connection between the two unlikely allies, but as different as it seems, it just works. While DRAM is known as much for crooning as rapping, he does more singing here. Young does his thing here, so don’t expect any mind-blowing raps from the singer-songwriter. However, when they harmonize at the end of the song, their plainspoken storytelling blends so well, you may find yourself hitting repeat in spite of yourself.

DRAM apparently likes surprising fans with unexpected projects; his #1HappyHoliday EP came pretty much out of nowhere and featured another unexpected collaborator in the form of DRAM’s mother, who joined him on a spirited rendition of “Silver Bells.” The Virginia native is also working with legendary super-producer Rick Rubin on his next album, which is expected sometime next year.

Bright will hit Netflix December 22nd. The soundtrack is available to stream on Spotify.