In Duke Deuce’s ‘I Ain’t Worried Bout It’ Video, Even A Sunny Day Can’t Outshine His Exuberant Energy

Memphis rabble-rouser Duke Deuce returns with another exuberant video expressing his disdain for the troubles of life, “I Ain’t Worried Bout It.” Dressed up in a bright pink leather bomber jacket decked out with NBA team logo patches, Duke posts up in the suburbs on a sunny day with his crew to dance, mug the camera, and shout his signature, swear word ad-lib as the boisterous beat adds fuel to the fire.

The jacket especially is a nice touch, as it ties in with Duke’s “crunk ain’t dead” philosophy, evoking references to other early millennium movements like NBA patches and Cam’ron’s bright pink street takeover. Duke is as high-energy as ever, showing off some fancy footwork alongside his posse and headbanging himself into a sweaty mess. He seems like a lot of fun to hang out with.

“I Ain’t Worried Bout It” is the Quality Control rapper’s second single of the month (after “The Hype”), suggesting that he’s picking up steam on the way to new release after dropping “WTF” in September. The timing would be fortuitous, building on the buzz that he’s accumulated since appearing on Isaiah Rashad’s comeback single “Lay Wit Ya” this summer and performing at Migos’ Las Vegas Weekender last month.

Watch Duke Deuce’s “I Ain’t Worried Bout It” video above.