Earl Sweatshirt Offers A Glimpse Into His Life In The DIY-Style ‘East’ Video

Earl Sweatshirt fans were in for a surprise Thursday night when the rapper dropped his EP Feet Of Clay with little advance warning. Earl quickly followed the EP up with a video for the track “East.”

Shot and edited in a DIY-style, “East” encapsulates the rapper’s signature experimental style. A short song, ending just before the two-minute mark, “East” is a way for Earl to deliver personal issues through lyrics. “I lost my phone and consequently / All the feelings I caught for my GF / My hands was on her wings / I took ’em off, had a story careen against the bars,” he raps.

While the lyrics are more intimate, the video, in contrast, is care-free. It is a compilation of Earl and his friends drinking beers at various locations and is edited in a low-production style with picture-in-frame transitions. Rappers Mike and Maxo make small appearances in the video alongside Earl.

Earl made and announcement for the video’s release via Twitter. “Cognitive dissonance shattered and the necessary venom restored, as if it matters if you think it matters anymore,” he wrote in a tweet, citing lyrics to the song.

Watch Earl Sweatshirt’s “East” video above.

Feet Of Clay is out now via Tan Cressida. Get it here.

Earl Sweatshirt is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music.