Ed Sheeran Gets Punched In The Face At A Bar In The ‘Galway Girl’ Video

A while back, Ed Sheeran was seen filming the video for Divide‘s “Galway Girl” in, you guessed it, Galway, Ireland. The Jason Koenig-directed visual was released overnight, and it explores everything the Irish party town has to offer… and it stars Brooklyn‘s Saoirse Ronan.

Ronan, newly platinum blonde, leads Sheeran through the streets of Galway and into different pubs, coming across the town’s many characters. There’s old men sharing beers while surrounded by urinals, there’s a burly guy whom Sheeran accidentally hits with a dart, there’s an Irish dancing crew excited to get Ed’s autograph, there’s the Chris Martin lookalike who gives Sheeran a tattoo, and a group of buskers (Sheeran only gives them a few cents, even though we know Divide has sold millions of copies). The whole video is shot by Sheeran through a chest cam, so it feels like the viewer has his perspective.

Basically, it makes me really want to hang out with Saoirse Ronan. She looks like the coolest. Take a look at the video:

Spoiler alert: At the end of the video, Sheeran gets knocked out by the same guy he threw a dart at earlier, and Ronan takes him home and nurses him back to health.

“Galway Girl” is the third single off Sheeran’s Divide, following “Castle on the Hill” and the inescapable “Shape of You.” He’s currently on tour in support of the album, and hit Ireland mid-April (we’re guessing this is where they got the concert footage at the beginning of the video). Sheeran is set to arrive in the U.S. in June, when he’ll be bringing James Blunt along as his opener.