Someone Gave Their GoPro To Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros Onstage At Coachella

Contributing Writer

GoPros are a bit like that proverbial group of typewriter monkeys. With the sheer amount of people using them to record all the time, they’re bound to land on something cool every once in a while. For example, this footage from the point of view of Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros’ frontman Alex Ebert after a fan tossed their GoPro to him.

According to Reddit user Sampwnz, he had the camera strapped to his head throughout Coachella. But then Ebert clearly gestured for him to throw the camera and he managed a great toss, hitting the singer right in the hands. What follows is a walking tour of a massive stage at one of the world’s biggest festivals, all while the band plays a mellowed-out version of their Here track “Man on Fire.”

For a view that’s only slightly less impressive, check out Sampwnz view of the Up from Below track “40 Day Dream.” He spends the majority of the song holding Ebert up over the crowd and even gets an excellent shot when the frontman offers him the microphone.

The festival mainstays honestly sounded a bit rough throughout both of the videos, but you absolutely can’t beat the views.

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