El-P Launches A Quarantine-Themed Movie Podcast With His Wife Emily Panic

Although no one in the US is technically “quarantined” just yet, with many states and cities issuing “stay at home” orders and shutting down social gathering spots, many are going a little stir crazy from being cooped-up at home. Fortunately, the internet holds a wealth of distractions from the boredom, from DJ D-Nice’s Home School dance party on Instagram to the new movie-themed Panducto Quarantcast podcast recently launched by Run The Jewels rapper-producer El-P and his wife, comedian Emily Panic. The two both announced the podcast on Twitter in typically tongue-in-cheek posts that preview the podcast’s dynamic.

Panic laid out the premise in a relatively straightforward tweet, writing, “So me and my husband @therealelp made a podcast where we shoot the shit and then make each other watch movies we haven’t seen. It’s pretty dumb but if you think you might be entertained by that then here you go.”

Meanwhile, El-P’s followup tweet was a quote tweet explaining his side of the story: “my wife @aprettybigmouth pretty much forced me to do this podcast where we show each other movies we haven’t seen from our childhoods. in other words i show her classics and she shows me… movies. first up: the terminator. yes, she had never seen the terminator. forgive her.”

Considering the pair’s occupations, it’s a premise rife with comedic potential — and maybe even some social commentary too (it already sounds like El-P’s picks are going to be pretty dude-centric, opening up some fascinating avenues for discussion of how male-dominated Hollywood has been). At the very least, it’ll give us all something to do while we wait on the new Run The Jewels album, from which the duo released their first single this weekend.

Check out the Panducto Quarancast podcast here.