Ellen DeGeneres Dresses As ‘Cardi E’ For Halloween, And Cardi B Loves It

It’s October 31, which means that your social media feeds are probably filled with photos of Halloween costumes right now, both from friends and celebrities. Plenty of famous folks have shown off their high-effort costumes, and now Ellen DeGeneres has joined the party. On today’s episode of Ellen, DeGeneres dressed up as “Cardi E,” an Ellen-ized version of Cardi B, and Cardi herself stopped by the show to give Ellen her approval.

Ellen began her monologue, “My costume this year is a tribute to Cardi B’s character in the movie Hustlers. I can’t be Cardi B: I’m Cardi E. E is for Ellen, it’s also my bra size.” She also joked about the large fake breasts on her costume, saying, “It actually was a lot to get me dressed like this. There’s wardrobe, there’s hair and makeup, and a special thanks to the people at Goodyear for inflating me.”

A couple minutes into the monologue, the real Cardi walked onto the stage and gave Ellen’s costume her stamp of approval. She especially admired the breasts, saying, “You know, I like that yours are softer than mine. I should be mad at my doctor.” Ellen then showed Cardi her twerking technique, which Cardi thought needed work. After some quick instruction, Ellen showed off improved form, to which Cardi responded, “That’ll give you a couple bucks right there.”

Watch Cardi B meet Cardi E above.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. .