Elohim Worked Just The Right Amount Of Dubstep Into Her Glitchy Pop Single ‘Buckets’

Los Angeles-based artist Elohim released her self-titled debut album last April, and it was good enough to catch the attention of Skrillex. Following that record, Elohim signed to Skrillex’s OWSLA label, and in November, she released her first single on her new label home, “Connect.” Now she has shared her second OWSLA single, and like “Connect” before it, “Buckets” was also co-produced by Skrillex.

The song is by no means full-blown dubstep, but the track does work in a healthy influence from the genre. This makes for a constantly shifting energy with docile, anticipation-heightening verses sandwiched between intense and glitchy choruses, in which she sings, “F*ck this / Feel it on my cut like f*ck it / Oh f*ck it, I want it / Make a mess one day, make a ruckus / Suck it / You left me out in the rain like I was nothing.”

Elohim says of the song, “2019 will be a year of unmasking, unveiling, and facing fears head on. ‘Buckets’ is the beginning. This piece is an emotional purge, a side of me I’ve never shared before. I am now ready… Are you?” She also wrote on Twitter, “SURPRISE The emotional purge arrived early. This is buckets. Your new friend and confidant. Listen and purge when you’re ready. Use wisely. she is yours.”

Listen to “Buckets” above.

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