Eminem Explains How A 14-Year-Old Almost Made Him Quit Boxing

Eminem is well-known for being one of the best rappers, but he also has an interest in amateur boxing. The 47-year-old rapper does boxing training and sparring to stay in shape and was even set to star in movie Southpaw before declining the role to finish recording The Marshall Mathers LP 2. Maybe that’s why he makes the perfect guest for Mike Tyson’s podcast, Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson, where he swapped stories about both hip-hop battles and combat sports with the host, who may very well be one of the best boxers to ever step in the ring.

Unfortunately for Em, he can’t exactly say the same: During the interview, Em shared a hilarious story about the fight that almost made him give up sport. The problem wasn’t just the fact that he lost the match, or even how badly he lost it, but the opponent: A 14-year-old who ensured he didn’t even get in a single hit. After explaining how he got involved with boxing trainer Emanuel Steward, sparring twice a week at Em’s house, he tells the story about how Steward would bring up-and-coming boxers over to spar with Eminem.

“So one day, he comes over and he brings this boxer… When I came out, the dude he brought had his headgear on,” Em chuckles. “We’re going at it and he kicked the sh*t out of me. F*cked me up. I don’t think I got one hit in. After three rounds, he takes off his headgear and I said, ‘Man, how old are you?’ He said, ‘Fourteen.’ I was like, man, I f*cking quit.”

While Mike tries to cheer Em up, explaining that some boxers never get any better after peaking early in life, Em is sure to measure the compliment: “I feel like if you hit me, I’d probably die,” he jokes.

Check out the full video above.