Eminem Isn’t Worried About Cancel Culture Coming For Him: ‘No One Ever Really Gets Canceled Though’

Just a few weeks after the deluxe version of Music To be Murdered By – Side B was released, Eminem stopped by Shade 45 to give a song-by-song breakdown and speak about a few other things. One thing he talked about was his diss of Snoop Dogg on “Zeus,” which the Long Beach rapper has already replied to. Another highlight was when the subject of cancel culture was brought up. Eminem has a long history of controversial statements, and he’s dealt with cancel culture a few times. However, according to him, it’s not effective.

“With me, it’s literally like every f*cking every other day,” Eminem said. “I’m canceled for whatever the f*ck it was. It’s funny because I see some of the same people or sites who b*tched about things back then that I said and then going back now and saying, ‘why can’t he be that again.’ What the f*ck? When I was that you had a problem with that too.” The Detroit legend added, “I understand some of the sh*t but for the most part like for people who just sit online and they feel like they need to b*tch about whatever it is to feel like they’re a part of something. With cancel culture, it’s like no one ever really gets canceled though.”

You can hear his comments about cancel culture in the video above, starting around the 10-minute mark.