DMX Reportedly Accepted Eminem’s ‘Verzuz’ Challenge But Still Wants To Battle Jay-Z

After this past weekend’s epic Verzuz showdown between 2000s-era rap radio fixtures Ludacris and Nelly, fans have once again resumed speculation on which matchups are coming down the pike. Today, NY hip-hop stalwart NORE gave them another possible matchup to chew on, claiming on Instagram that none other than Eminem called him to issue a challenge to an unexpected competitor: DMX, who previously said that he wants to battle Jay-Z head-to-head on the popular live stream hits battle.

Posting a photo of himself and DMX playing with giant-sized Jenga blocks, NORE captioned the photo, “This moment is so Legend! 3 minutes before this @therealswizzz CALLS X and says Eminem is down for that smoke.” Swizz Beats is, of course, the curator for Verzuz, which he started with co-founder Timbaland as a way to beat back quarantine boredom. DMX seems amenable to the challenge, as noted by NORE, “X SAY HE CAN GET BUT I STILL WANT JAY.”

NORE admits that the entire deal was supposed to be hush-hush, but that his excitement got the better of him. A biased New Yorker to the end, he offers his pick for the winner of the hypothetical battle: “I’m riding wit the DOG!!!”

We’ll see if NORE’s excitement blew it for the rest of us or if the added buzz only propels this battle into the annals of Instagram history — while the total number of viewers has shot up for each battle, there’s no doubt that adding Eminem to the mix is guaranteed to the show to a whole new level.

See NORE’s post claiming that Eminem wants to battle DMX above.