An Eminem Fan Got 16 Tattoos Of The Rapper’s Face, Setting A New Record

Eminem’s fans are already known for being some of the most enthusiastic among a field of fandoms that gets more enthusiastic by the day, but one Eminem fan sought to set herself apart from the pack in a very unusual — and mostly permanent — way.

Nikki Patterson, a 35-year-old woman from Aberdeen, Scotland, is also being recognized for her passion by no less authority than Guinness World Records. She recently set a new record for getting her sixteenth tattoo of Eminem’s face, giving her the most tattoos of any single artist’s countenance (she has 28 Eminem tattoos total, including a list of his album titles).

The tattoos have made her the subject of a significant press buzz, bringing her attention from both fan sites and local news publications, as well as tattoo enthusiast magazine Inked. With 28 tattoos of the star and a new world record to her name, it’s safe to say, Patterson has fully earned her Instagram handle, @crazyeminemlady.

But before you make your judgemental comments about her for liking someone’s music (what a novel concept in 2020), at least give thanks that she found a harmless way to express her abundance of ardor for the subject. Earlier this year, Eminem had a brush with one fan who took his song “Stan” a little too seriously, breaking into his home after hunting down his residence over the course of nearly a year.