Eminem Agrees With Revolt’s Backlash To His Leaked Diss About Them

Eminem has found himself involved in some more beef recently, this time with Diddy’s Revolt TV. In a recently leaked verse, Eminem criticized the network: “Shout to Puffy Combs, but f*ck Revolt / Y’all are like a f*cked up remote / Now I get it why our button’s broke.” To that, Revolt offered a simple response: “F*ck you too Eminem.”

Now Eminem himself has weighed in on the verse, and he is actually taking Revolt’s side on the issue. Sharing a statement on Twitter last night, the rapper wrote that he agrees with the network, saying that this feud is “an unnecessary distraction,” and insists he was upset in the moment but ultimately decided not to release the verse.

Eminem wrote, “I agree with Revolt…this is an unnecessary distraction. I never meant for that verse to be heard, I was heated in the moment and thought better of it and decided to pull it back. Stuff that I never intended to release continues to leak from the huge WeTransfer hack. I don’t have any issues with Revolt…I’d actually welcome the opportunity to work with them on some positive things and turn this in a different direction.”

Meanwhile, Eminem recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of Recovery with a limited run of exclusive merch.