Eminem Unveiled Multiple Editions Of ‘The Eminem Show’ Anniversary Cassette Packages

On May 26, 2002, Detroit rapper Eminem dropped his fourth studio album The Eminem Show. Coming hot on the heels of the commercial monster that was The Marshall Mathers LP, many wondered if he could duplicate that kind of success, to which he responded with a resounding yes. The album was a multi-platinum smash, eventually obtaining diamond certification.

The Eminem Show must hold a special place in Shady’s heart, because he just revealed that he’s debuting a special collection to commemorate that album’s 15th anniversary. If you go to his website, you’ll find multiple packages containing a cassette of the album, along with a t-shirt and a poster. A signed edition that was going for $250 has already sold out.

On his Instagram, Eminem teased the collection with a picture of a handwritten note that read, “The concept for The Eminem Show was inspired by The Truman Show because my life felt like it was becoming a circus at that time and I felt like I was always being watched,” it read. “Basically Jim Carey wrote my album.”

Em teased that something might be coming down the pipeline to mark this occasion over Memorial Day weekend as well, uploading a short clip to his social media accounts featuring some flickering footage and an allusion to the anniversary in the caption.