Eminem’s Stark ‘Walk On Water’ Video Features A Ton Of Eminems And Not A Single Beyonce

Music is not resting for the holidays in 2017. That goes for SZA, who was kind enough to unveil her Solange-directed music video for “The Weekend” late on Thursday night. That goes for Kendrick Lamar, who offered up the “Love” video at the same time, which included a nice Easter egg about him possibly working on the Black Panther soundtrack. And now Eminem has gotten into the act, offering up his previously teased clip for his Revival single “Walk On Water,” without his marquee guest star Beyonce to help out.

The clip is stark and dramatic, featuring Em rapping to an empty venue while a beam of light shoots down from the rafters to the microphone. This is juxtaposed by shots of a host of Eminems all furiously typing away at their typewriters, pages of gibberish thrown to the ground in haste. It all fits the vibe of the song well, even if it can’t help the fact that the video is sorely missing Bey. It’s a shame that for all the ballyhoo about getting Beyonce on the track, that she hasn’t been able to lend a hand for Em’s performances or now this video.

Check out the clip exclusively on Apple Music, while with the teaser for the video up top. There is also a YouTube of the clip below.