An Argument For Every Single Kanye West Album As His Best

Getty Images/Def Jam

The internet loves to rank things, and it seems Kanye West’s album discography has been ranked, re-ranked, and analyzed more times than any of us can count. But like clockwork, every time these rankings pop up, factions rise up to defend every single album that Yeezy ever touched as his best.

So, it occurred to us that those arguments are preferable to putting these records in any sort of arbitrary order. Instead, here is a fan of each record, defending their beloved choice as the one that should rank above all the rest; an argument for every single one of Kanye West’s albums as his best. Enjoy.

The College Dropout, (2004)

Getty Images/Def Jam

A famous adage tells us that you have your entire life to write your first album. But even if Kanye West’s audience for The College Dropout was unfamiliar with that idea, they’d certainly learn it by the end of the album. ‘Ye had waited his entire life to finally get put on with a major-label rap project and — given that sense of always deserving better that’s colored his entire career — he wouldn’t let us forget it.

What other artist in history has closed their debut album with a thirteen-minute track talking about everything they have already done. Who else has the audacity to close something as uncertain as a rap album from a nerdy studio rat with a heaping plate of shit to eat for anyone who dares to stand between them and the fame they feel they are owed?

But put yourself in Kanye’s shoes and “Last Call” begins to make quite a bit of sense. West nearly died at the tail end of 2002, falling asleep at the wheel of a rented Lexus and waking up in “the same hospital where Biggie Smalls died” with his jaw run through with wiring. West can be forgiven for self-mythologizing on the track because the accident forced him to take stock of his own life.