Drake’s Impersonator Was Banned From Instagram After Challenging Him To A Boxing Match

A Drake impersonator who apparently had the real Drake’s approval was banned from Instagram, despite having the star’s co-sign for his activities. “Izzy Drake” recently gained attention for his resemblance to the Canadian rapper/singer and capitalized by making public appearances. He’s even gone as far as cutting Drake’s signature heart-shaped design into his hairline while Drake bore the look to promote his 2021 album Certified Lover Boy. Most recently, Izzy Drake gained more notoriety after challenging the real one to a boxing match with a $1 million prize.

It looks like the impersonator’s antics violated Instagram’s terms of service, which forbid impersonating public figures — apparently even if said impersonators have the originals’ blessings.

If there were a star whose life you’d want to live lately, it’s Drake. Despite taking some flak from fans about his recent work including fellow rapper Denzel Curry, Drake appears to be living the dream. Although he’s known for making sadboy anthems for the clubs, he’s was all smiles as he crashed Backstreet Boys recent Toronto show and met Haim at a “random restaurant” in his hometown (of course Drake’s a big fan of both boy bands and girl groups). He also has lots of other reasons to grin; his new album, Honestly, Nevermind, recently became his 11th Billboard No.1 with every song charting on the Hot 100. Oh, and he just made a lot of money selling one of his houses and betting on UFC.

Who wouldn’t want to be Drake?