Fans Slam Boosie Badazz For Calling Lil Nas X ‘Disrespectful’ In A Rant (While Also Showing Support For DaBaby)

DaBaby has already spent plenty of time in headlines due to homophobic comments he made about HIV/AIDS during his Rolling Loud set over the weekend. For the most part, the rapper has faced a lot of criticism for the bizarre rant, but a few names have oddly decided to stand in support of his words. This includes Boosie Badazz who delivered a rant directed at Lil Nas X while also showing some support for DaBaby.

“Lil Nas X want to perform naked for charity,” he said. “Like bruh? They don’t tell them nothing. They should be picking sides. You don’t tell his little f***** ass nothing. That’s the most disrespectful muthaf*cka in the world. He said he wanna get naked on stage.” He added, “N**** they got kids that watch that sh*t. Trying to put that sh*t on all them children. Go viral, n****. Go suck a d*ck on IG b*tch. That n**** said he’d get naked for charity and y’all talking about f*ckin’ DaBaby This man say he gonna get naked for charity in front of all these muthaf*ckin’ children. That n**** disrespectful like a muthaf*cka.” He concluded, “Get f*cked in the ass, n****. Go suck a d*ck on IG, b*tch.”

Boosie’s comments come over a year after he claimed Dwayne Wade was going “too f*cking far” in supporting his trans daughter, Zaya. It was incidents like these, among others, that fans brought up in their response to Boosie on social media.

You can watch a video of Boosie’s rant above and check out fans’ thoughts on it below.