Fat Joe Reflects On His Viral Clip Warning Tekashi 69 About The Trouble He Was Getting Into

There’s a lot being said about Tekashi 69’s troubling legal situation as he faces life in prison after being swept up in a federal gang indictment in New York. 69 took advantage of his association with the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods to bolster his music career, but it appears he perilously blurred the line between art and reality. Several people tried to warn him about how he was moving, most notably New York rapper Fat Joe, who is a hip-hop OG and has literally seen it all within the past 40+ years of rap. During Tekashi’s appearance on Joe’s Coca Vision podcast, he attempted to warn the 22-year-old of his potential to be swept into a RICO or other conspiracy charge by virtue of his gang associations. In the clip which is timestamped above, Tekashi said “I hear you,” but he didn’t make the move to sever his Blood ties until it was too late.

TMZ caught up with Fat Joe to discuss their conversation, and Joe sounded reflective. “I was just trying to school him. I been through that, I had the heat on me, you know, I was wilin’ in the streets. I tried to tell him as a young kid, it’s my job,” Joe proclaimed, noting that his elders didn’t school him to the error of his ways when he was in the streets.

Joe says he prayed for 69 last night, and also recalled that 69 told him that he believed a case was coming when the two were recently in Dubai. “He was telling me everything I told him in the interview,” Joe lamented. Before telling the TMZ cameraman that he doesn’t think 69’s career is over, he issued another warning to young rappers: “All the upcoming rappers and entertainers, you see what’s going on. Be careful, take care of your family, B.”