Father John Misty Releases His First New Songs In Over Two Years, ‘To S.’ And ‘To R.’

Father John Misty has kept a relatively low profile since releasing his 2018 album God’s Favorite Customer. He made a bit of noise last month, though, when he released Anthem +3, an EP of covers of Leonard Cohen, Link Wray, and Cat Stevens. As far as original songs, though, fans haven’t gotten any from Father John Misty in two years. That changes today, though, as he released a pair of new tracks — “To. S” and “To R.” — as part of the Sub Pop Singles Club. Both tracks are piano-led numbers, although “To R.” is more upbeat than the ballad “To S.”

2020 has been more active for Father John Misty than last year. Aside from the EP (which was a benefit release, by the way), he also released Off-Key In Hamburg, a live album that also benefits charity. Misty didn’t do nothing last year, though: He co-wrote a song for Khalid’s album Free Spirit, he toured with Jason Isbell last summer, and took some time during a concert to perform a song he wrote for A Star Is Born but that ultimately went unused for the film.

The gap between Misty’s two most recent albums, Pure Comedy and God’s Favorite Customer, was a bit over a year, and Pure Comedy came a little more than two years after I Love You, Honeybear. So, it would stand to reason that seeing an album from Misty at some point in the not-so-distant future is totally possible, especially given his recent uptick in activity.

Listen to “To S.” and “To R.” above.