Feist Says ‘Pleasure,’ Her First New Album In Six Years, Will Focus On ‘Private Ritual’

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Feist was the queen of an indie sound that died before the Dirty Projectorslong-lost indie sound of 2009 was even a glimmer in David Longstreth’s eye. Her mega-hit “1234” is the ur-text for what people think of as indie-pop and the launchpad of a million Chill Indie Vibes Spotify playlists.

But while countless imitators have cropped up to take advantage of the sound she helped codify, the Canadian songwriter has largely sat out. Leslie Feist hasn’t shared an album with the world since 2011, but that’s all about to change. Feist have announced a new album dubbedPleasure. It’s dropping on April 28 via Universal. Take a look at the full tracklist below:

1. “Pleasure”
2. “I Wish I Didn’t Miss You”
3. “Get Not High, Get Not Low”
4. “Lost Dreams”
5. “Any Party”
6. “A Man Is Not His Song”
7. “The Wind”
8. “Century”
9. “Baby Be Simple”
10.”I’m Not Running Away”
11. “Young Up”

While Feist is best known for bright piano-pop, her description of the new album sounds like a depressive game of word association. According to the singer the album will focus on “loneliness, private ritual, secrets, shame, mounting pressures, disconnect, tenderness, rejection, care and the lack thereof.”

Feist will tour in support of the album and she’s shared a few dates. Check those out below:

06/03-04 –- Toronto, ON @ Field Trip Festival
06/17 –- Eau Claire, WI @ Eaux Claires Festival
07/06 –- Winnipeg, MB @ Winnipeg Folk Fest
07/20-22 -– Wiesen, AT @ Out of the Woods Fesitval
08/04-06 –- Katowice, PL @ OFF Festival
08/08-12 –- Oslo, NO @ Oya Festival
08/10-12 –- Gotenburg, SE @ Way Out West Festival