Fever Ray’s ‘To The Moon And Back’ Gives New Meaning To The Phrase ‘High Tea’

Fever Ray’s “To The Moon And Back” arrives after a series of teaser videos were released by the artist earlier this week. You can watch the twisted video for the new single above.

Directed by Martin Falck, this video is consistent with the teasers in that it’s a very dark, clinical and absurd look at sex and relationships.

Fever Ray (aka Karin Dreijer) is awakened from some induced slumber and stumbles out onto the street. She falls but is happened upon by a group of colourful characters, and that’s when things get delightfully weird.

The song and video are the first we’ve heard from Fever Ray since 2012’s “No Face,” which appeared on a benefit compilation for Japan in the wake of the 2011 tsunami, organized by members of Blonde Redhead.

Right out of the gate, Dreijer nods to her absence with the opening lyric: “Hey remember me / I’ve been busy working like crazy.”

Whereas the music from Fever Ray’s self-titled debut album was marked by songs that moved in slow, exacting movements, “To The Moon And Back” bounds with major-key melodicism usually reserved for her previous work in The Knife with her brother Olof.

The Knife disbanded in 2014 after the tour that followed the release of their final album, Shaking The Habitual. A concert film made during that tour was just released earlier this year.