Watch The Coolest Grandma Ever Play Air Guitar On Stage With Five Finger Death Punch

Although metal is seen as a genre with a very specific fan base, that’s actually not the case at all: “hipster metal” is a thing, and it turns out that the intense guitar music also really appeals to at least one grandma, who, with all due respect to your own grandmothers, is probably the coolest grandma of all time.

On Saturday, metal group Five Finger Death Punch performed at the Oslo Spektrum in Oslo, Norway, and they began their encore with “Jekyll And Hyde,” from the band’s most recent album, 2015’s Got Your Six. As the band began playing the song, frontman Ivan Moody started motioning to the side of the stage for whoever was back there to join him. That’s when an older woman emerged and did nothing short of completely own the stage.

She hugged Moody, then started dancing around and throwing her rock horns in the air. Throughout the song, she found herself next to the band’s guitarists, so what else is the world’s most hardcore older person to do besides play air guitar right along with them and sing into the microphone? She quickly won over the crowd, and when the song was over, she took a bow to thunderous applause and cemented her status as the most awesome person in Norway that day.

Watch the super fun moment unfold in the fan-shot footage above. As for Five Finger Death Punch, their upcoming greatest hits album, A Decade of Destruction, is set for release on December 1st via Prospect Park.