Flatbush Zombies Release A Cool Set Of Action Figures Commemorating Their Debut Album

It’s usually pretty cool when a rap act gets a collectible that isn’t just the standard T-shirt, vinyl, or non-fungible token version of their sex tape. For instance, there are a lot of nice vinyl toys out there for legends of rap like The Notorious BIG or Run-DMC, and some newer rappers have even gotten in on the action, like Rico Nasty. The latest act to commemorate a musical moment with a piece of beautifully-molded plastic is Flatbush Zombies, who teamed up with Incendium to offer a pack of frankly awesome action figures celebrating the fifth anniversary of their debut album.

The set interprets the trio as five-inch figures with 10 points of articulation and personalized accessories based on the David Nakayama-designed cover of 3001: A Laced Odyssey. Only 3,001 of each figure has been made, ensuring their collector’s item status someday down the road — without a password or undue negative impact on the environment, no less. Yes, that was another shot at NFTs because I think you’re all nuts for spending millions of dollars on computer code.

Incendium CEO Llexi Leon credits the project to Flatbush Zombies’ “incredible aesthetic,” and calls it “a blast to revisit David Nakayama’s incredible artwork to their debut album and bring the trio straight off the page for our latest release.”

You can check out the set here.