Flatbush Zombies New Music Video For ‘Vacation’ Is Sexy, Psychedelic, And Irreverant

Flatbush Zombies are finally taking us along for a summer vacation in their newly released music video of the same name. The video features the trio of rappers on a speedboat, intercut with shots of three naked women covered head to toe in various colors of glitter paint. Besides the usual cavorting, dancing, and hedonistic abandon expected in a music video, there are a series of irreverent questions, statements, and shout outs which serve as meta-narration of the video itself.

The text in question appears in the form of phrases across the bottom of the screen. “Best beard in rap,” “Read a book.” and “what up Hov?” are among some of the best lines, but there are also controversial gems like “Stevie Wonder isn’t blind” and “Television is poison.”

The coolest thing about this video has to be that it is part of the Flatbush Zombie cinematic universe which started with a short film released less than two weeks ago. In the film the boys find themselves brainstorming how to get their single to the top of the charts. That film –directed by Phillip T. Annand– also titled Vacation (The Movie) featured teases of clips and scenes that would eventually be seen in this new music video. Being the third single from their sophomore album, this will probably be the last single we see for a while, but hopefully they have more short films in the works.