Fousheé And Lil Yachty’s ‘Clap For Him’ Video Counts Someone Else’s Blessings

Fousheé’s new Time Machine video “Clap For Him” is a tongue-in-cheek humblebrag, as the “Deep End” singer commands listeners to count any man she deigns to share her time with blessed. “He looked up and stumbled on a bad b*tch,” she sings, half-facetiously. In the video, she and a pair of stripper pals command the attention of their male co-stars while dancing their way through elegant surroundings as Lil Yachty comes in with a verse co-signing Fousheé’s boasts.

After “Deep End” put her on many fans’ radars last year thanks to a viral trend and her willingness to delve into the attribution confusion it accidentally caused, the singer finally released her debut album after a half-decade spent behind the scenes of the LA music industry. While songwriting paid the bills, Fousheé stocked up experiences and oddball concepts for songs and videos like “Gold Fronts” with Lil Wayne and “My Slime,” preparing for the day she could slide to the forefront and take advantage of her quirky aesthetic. That’s exactly what she’s done since announcing and releasing her debut album Time Machine this spring, and with unexpected features like the one on Vince Staples’ new self-titled album, it’s clear she’s intent on keeping that momentum going.

Watch Fousheé’s “Clap For Him” video featuring Lil Yachty above.