Frank Ocean Fans Are Freaking Out On Twitter: Where Is The Album, Frank?

Question: Is being a Frank Ocean fan better than watching True Detective season two? Answer: Possibly. If you recall, back in April, Frank Ocean announced on Tumblr a July release for his highly anticipated second album, as well as a magazine, including the hashtags #July2015, #Issue1 and #Album3.

Using their exceptional deductive reasoning and detective skills, fans took those numbers to mean July 20, 2015. But as July 20 came and went with no #BoysDontCry, Frank Ocean fans began to lose their sh*t over the fact that they misinterpreted the hashtag and now have to wait longer.

Other fans just took the #July2015 hashtag to mean that the album would drop sometime in July. Those fans are now starting to get anxious, and will lose their sh*t over the fact that there’s only 11 days left in July and still no album.

From fake album leaks forcing you to download unwanted Soulja Boy or Tyga records, and rumors that the unreleased track Ocean recorded for Django Unchained will appear in Jake Gyllenhaal’s upcoming boxing movie Southpaw instead, fans are going wild speculating. It’s almost too sad to watch.

Don’t act like you guys don’t monitor #FrankOcean and @Iheartfrankocean 24/7 anyways. Deep breaths.

(Via i-d)