Frank Ocean Aired An Episode Of ‘Blonded Radio’ During The VMAs And Debuted A New Song ‘Provider’

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Every year the music world comes together in one spot for the MTV VMAs, but even though it seems like everybody in music is there, there’s always a few notable exceptions. Whether they’re touring, or just plain busy sometimes superstars can’t make it for whatever reason, and one big name missing from Sunday night’s festivities is Frank Ocean. But that doesn’t mean the enigmatic singer wasn’t working, or making his name heard during the show, because for whatever reason Frank and Apple decided Sunday night during the VMAs would be the perfect time to play his latest episode of blonded RADIO.

Yes, the new episode began randomly airing Sunday night, much to the surprise of his fans and many were forced to chose or figure out a way to multitask and watch the big show and hear whatever Frank had in store for them. Toss in a little show called Game Of Thrones and Sunday was full of mayhem for anybody who likes to watch and listen to things.

Blonded is the go-to stop for Frank fans looking for new music from the elusive star, as he’s premiered songs like “Biking,” featuring Jay-Z and Tyler, The Creator back in April. Check out the new episode of Frank Ocean’s blonded RADIO on Apple Music here.

Update: Like usual, Frank debuted a new track on the show and this time it was the captivating “Provider.” You can watch the video for that track above.