Frank Ocean Got Bluntly Political In The Return Episode Of His ‘Blonded Radio’ Apple Music Show

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Frank Ocean lived up to his name in the return episode of his Beats 1 Radio show, Blonded Radio, today, tackling both current events and the rhetoric of right-wing conspiracy theorists while encourage listeners to vote their according to their moral judgment.

“People need to trust their common sense when it comes to things in politics,” he said. “If it seems morally wrong, it is usually wrong.” The specific practices he called out included gerrymandering, which he called a form of voter suppression, and ID laws, which have cropped up all over the country in jurisdictions where incumbents have seen their power threatened by a constituents challenging their policies. These laws have been known to disproportionately affect citizens of color, particularly Americans of African descent.

Frank also openly criticized the rhetoric being propagated by “conservative”-leaning outlets like Fox News, saying: “You’re dealing with people on the right who are anti-intellectual.” He was especially critical of the tendency to mock “liberal” opinions and people they disagreed with as “snowflakes.” “‘Snowflake’ is a term befitting people on the right as snowflakes are almost a thing of fantasy,” he said, specifically mentioning the controversial “PizzaGate” conspiracy theory that resulted in at least one act of violence.

Frank also updated his Tumblr with a flyer announcing free merch to fans who brought proof of voting to certain locations in four major cities. See those locations below.