Frank Ocean Apparently Worked On A Secret Project With The ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Director

Frank Ocean very much does things at his own pace. Endless and Blonded came within a day of each other, four years after Channel Orange. Now, though, he may have something else in the works, and his collaborator is waiting on him to get it finished.

The New York Times‘ Kyle Buchanan spoke with Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino for a yet-to-be-published interview, but he offered a preview of it on Twitter yesterday. He tweeted that the director said he and Ocean worked together on a “secret project,” and that he continued, “We were collaborating on a music video that never happened. I use the Times to launch an appeal to Frank: Frank, let’s do that video. Come on.”

In response to his tweet, a Twitter user asked Buchanan if Guadagnino had any updates on his feature film adaptation of Bob Dylan’s 1975 album Blood On The Tracks, which was announced back in 2018. It appears that project will no longer be happening, or at least Guadagnino isn’t working on it any longer, as Buchanan noted, “He wasn’t able to get the budget he wanted for it.”

Ocean has expressed his appreciation of Call Me By Your Name on multiple occasions, including when he spoke with its star, Timothée Chalamet.