Freddie Gibbs Had A Jovial Reaction To Missing Out On A Best Rap Album Grammy Award

While Freddie Gibbs fans had a minor collective meltdown over his album Alfredo being “robbed” at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, the Gary, Indiana rapper’s response was much more affable. Gibbs, who was tabbed by fans as a shoo-in for a Best Rap Album award win thanks to his razor-sharp flows and blunt, darkly humorous observations about his misadventures in the drug game on it, was beaten out by Nas, who won the award for his Hit-Boy-produced 2020 album King’s Disease.

Fred didn’t seem too broken up about it, though. In a video posted to social media by a fan at his private Grammy viewing party, Gibbs shrugged off the loss with his typical irreverent outlook and a cheeky comment, delivered in a flashy, salmon-colored suit. “Look, I might have lost today,” he admitted, addressing the crowd. “But I’m undefeated in court!”

He’s referring, of course, to a handful of criminal cases that broke his way, as detailed recently by an in-depth profile on The Ringer by Jeff Weiss. In one case, a judge misreading the amount in case of possession of weed led to the case being dismissed. In the most recent example, Fred was arrested in France after being accused of sexual assault in Vienna, Austria. However, once the details of the case were heard in court, a panel of Austrian judges declared him not guilty, with video evidence confirming that Gibbs was alone in his room at the time the assault was alleged.

Check out Gibbs;’ tongue-in-cheek response to his Grammy loss above.

Freddie Gibbs is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.