Freddie Gibbs And Madlib Release A Hilarious Trailer For A Movie Based On Their Album ‘Bandana’

Just three months ago, Freddie Gibbs and Madlib released their collaborative album Bandana. Today, with help from actors Silverio Diaz and Eric Andre, Gibbs and Madlib got some attention back on their album with a hilarious “film trailer” for their album.

The trailer plays on the duo’s recently-released music videos “Half Manne Half Cocaine” and “Giannis,” taking scenes from each and stringing them into an overarching narrative. It starts with a voiceover telling the viewer that five years ago one of the “biggest players in the dope game retired.” A photo montage shows Gibbs in the mountains petting a zebra, popping champagne in a river while fishing on a boat, and smoking a joint in a black robe with the mountains as his backdrop. The following scenes juxtapose Gibbs’ current life with shots of him driving a jet ski at the beach and meeting up with a small-time dope dealer.

Before Gibbs can return back to the mountains in exile, the dealer attacks him, putting Gibbs in a 10-year coma with Andre as his doctor. Once awake, Gibbs sets out to avenge his attempted murder, while the usual narrator-hyping-up-the-movie ends the trailer.

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