Future Agrees That People In Atlanta Believe He Can Beat Jay-Z In A ‘Verzuz’

Jay-Z left the rap community to argue amongst themselves after he made a bold declaration during a conversation on Twitter Spaces earlier this week.. “Ain’t nobody that can stand on that stage with me,” Jay said in response to a question about Verzuz from Alicia Keys who was a part of the Twitter Spaces conversation as well. “I ain’t gonna lie, no disrespect. Everyone’s amazing, they’ve done what they’ve done. No one can stand on that stage with me. Theres not a shot.” Fans of the rapper later duked it out on Twitter with supporters of other big-name acts like Ye, Lil Wayne, and Drake who felt that their favorite artist was worthy of a matchup with Jay-Z.

Another rapper that some brought into the conversation was Future. Podcaster and Atlanta personality Big Bank TDE took to Instagram to say that Atlanta residents believe that Future would not only fair well against Jay-Z but beat him in a Verzuz battle. “I Promise You, Errbody from Atlanta Feels Like Pluto Can Win A Verzuz Against Hov,” he wrote. Moments after the message was shared on Big Bank’s Instagram Story, Future reposted it to his own Instagram page leaving many to believe that he agreed with the message.

Future’s repost comes after he teamed up with Lil Baby to supply a pair of verses on Rvssian’s “M&M.”

You can view a screenshot of Future’s repost of Big Bank TDE’s message above.