Future Thinks Jay-Z’s Lyrics About His Son And Russell Wilson Are Disrespectful

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Future may be riding high off the release of his new album, The Wizrd, but it seems like all anyone can ask him about in his promotional interviews is his behind-the-scenes drama with Ciara and Russell Wilson. While he addressed his feelings about the Seattle Seahawks quarterback in a release-night conversation hosted by Apple Music, he also recently fielded questions about his relationship with Jay-Z since a 4:44 lyric seemingly referenced his co-parenting situation.

In an interview with Atlanta’s Durrty Boys radio show, one of the hosts asked how Future felt about the line, which came from the song “Kill Jay-Z“: “I don’t even know what you would have done / In the future, other n—- playin’ football with your son.” While some might read that line as a simple show of wordplay from one of rap’s elder statesmen, it seems Future interpreted it as disrespectful. He says that Jay tried to explain, but he wasn’t hearing it.

“You supposed to be biggin’ up the rap community,” he explained. “You need to let the NFL deal with the NFL. I come from the streets, you come from the streets… We’re not supposed to give it no negative attention for a hot line that’s something that’s always gonna be out… But it’s out now, so it ain’t no, ‘My fault,’ all that… It is what it is.”

Whether Future is blowing the line out of proportion or not, it doesn’t seem like his provocations are bothering his ex and her husband. While neither addressed his comments directly, their recent social media posts make it clear that they’re not too worried about what he thinks about them.