Future Joins Lil Baby On The Triumphant ‘Out The Mud’

Getty Image

Lil Baby was one of the breakout success stories of 2018, with a Drake-featuring debut album, a well-received joint project with fellow ATL slick talker Gunna, and a follow-up mixtape that proved his initial buzz was no fluke. While he had a quiet early 2019 on the musical release front as he toured with his New Generation cohorts, it looks like he’s baby to keep the gravy train rolling with a new, Future-featuring single, “Out The Mud.” Check it out below.

Produced by Quay Global and built on a piercing flute sample and those trademark, heavy trap drums, Lil Baby and Future fete their respective come-ups. Lil Baby counts off the various expenses he’s racked up over the past year of rap stardom, while Future resorts to an impressive array of onomatopoeia to imitate the sounds of his brand new car. Onomatopoeia are not used nearly enough in rap, so the effort is appreciated.

As of now, there’s no telling whether “Out The Mud” will end up a loose single or land on a future project, but given Lil Baby’s past productivity, don’t be surprised if an album announcement comes down the pike sooner rather than later. As for Future, you can check out his recent Save Me EP here.