FYF Fest Founder Sean Carlson Admits To Sexual Harassment After He Was Ousted By Goldenvoice

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Earlier this week, a leaked email between concert promoting giant Goldenvoice and booking agents revealed that the company had parted ways with FYF Fest founder Sean Carlson. Carlson began FYF Fest when he was just 18, turning a small club event into one of the premier music festivals in the world. Along the line, Goldenvoice became a partner and helped the festival achieve its vision. Now, the future of the festival is murky.

Though Goldenvoice didn’t specify a reason for parting ways with Carlson, and didn’t return our request for a comment, speculation swirled that it could have to do with sexual misconduct, particularly because of the timing and the current wave of cleaning house that the entertainment industry is undergoing. Spin then published the accounts of four people who all give different accounts of Carlson’s sexual misconduct, including instances of sexual assault.

Today, Carlson released a public Facebook post, admitting to a past of sexual harassment and asking for forgiveness for past actions.

Carlson’s statement is as follows.

“This is a personal letter about sexual harassment and other forms of inappropriate behavior.

Several years ago I was a part of the problem. I behaved inappropriately towards women and these actions were unacceptable.

I am genuinely, unequivocally sorry. I lay fault at no one’s feet but my own. I am ashamed by how I acted and feel terrible for the pain that I have caused.

Actions speak louder than words. In December 2015, my years of recklessness and selfishness hit a breaking point; I had to make a promise to family and friends that I would change, or risk finally exhausting what remained of their compassion and support. I gave up alcohol for good, I embraced therapy, and I asked, sincerely, that my family and friends forgive me.
These corrective actions do not excuse my reprehensible conduct, and are of small solace to those whose pain I am so very sorry to have caused.”

To Spin, Carlson also responded to the four incidents that they outlined, calling two of them true and disputing the two others.

What the future holds for FYF and its many endeavors, which includes promoting a number of events aside from their festival, remains to be seen, but Goldenvoice already admitted in the leaked emails that it is exploring its options with regards to the fest.