Viral Fyre Festival Documentary Hero Andy King Is Going On Tour

The Fyre Festival documentary, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, is one of the most-discussed documentaries of the past couple years, and that’s thanks largely in part to Andy King. He went viral after discussing the lengths he nearly went to in order to secure water for the festival. Now he’s ready to talk some more, as King is hosting a series of “A Fyre Side Chat With Andy King” engagements. So far, he has announced a handful of UK dates for April and May.

During the show, King is set to discuss “how Fyre Festival — a highly publicized, influencer-backed experience crafted entirely using social media — ended up being an undelivered dream,” “how a singular moment in a moment in a documentary transformed Andy’s life and how he’s channeling it into positive change,” and “how he’s using his newly-amassed audience as a force for good by launching an initiative to support production sustainability.” After the hourlong discussion, King will also participate in a 30-minute Q&A session.

King previously spoke about his surprise fame, telling TMZ, “How I’ve become this social media hero over a situation like that, I’m in total shock. But I’m riding with it, it’s a lot of fun. TV offers to cameos in movies. I’m doing a cameo tomorrow night for the Spirit Awards. I’m shooting a movie in March, we’re working on a few different TV show concepts right now. I have three offers for those, it’s incredible.”

Find the list of King’s upcoming tour dates below.

04/20 — Norwich, UK
04/21 — Stoke On Trent, UK
04/23 — Brighton, UK
04/24 — Glasgow, UK
04/25 — Southhampton, UK
04/27 — Birmingham, UK
04/29 — Sheffield, UK
04/30 — Newcastle, UK
05/01 — Edinburgh, UK
05/02 — London, UK