You Can Own Fyre Festival’s Famous Private Island For $11.8 Million


Two documentaries released last year on Hulu and Netflix portrayed the complete disaster that ensued both before and after Fyre Festival was scheduled to take place. Festival founders Billy McFarland and Ja Rule were able to draw an audience to buy into the scam through a star-studded promotional video which showed models and celebrities hanging out on a Caribbean island and living their best lives. The video was obviously misleading, but the island is real, and it can now be purchased for a sum of $11.8 million.

According to Forbes, the lush island shown in the video is Saddleback Cay, part of a cluster of 365 in the Bahamas known as the Exumas. Saddleback Cay is up for sale by a realty company and can be yours for a significant sum of money.

Saddleback Cay is not the same island talked about in the documentaries that was once used by Pablo Escobar to smuggle drugs, nor was it the island Fyre Fest was scheduled to take place on. But it was at one point the place were Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Bella Hadid faked a good time in order to scam rich millennials into spending thousands of dollars.

Saddleback Cay is home to one piece of 500-square-foot property that would likely need repairs, but the listing agent said the island has already garnered a lot of interest. “I actually had a buyer the next day after it aired,” realtor John Christie said. Christie also said he’s not concerned that the bad publicity around Fyre Fest will affect his ability to sell: “No such thing as bad publicity, right?”