G-Eazy Tried To Kiss Britney Spears At The MTV VMAs And Got Denied

Britney Spears and G-Eazy performed together at the MTV VMAs. And it was pretty good! But that’s probably not the part that Gerald Gillum will remember. Because the rapper attempted to coax Spears into another nationally televised kiss on the VMA stage and was brutally curved in front of God, Beyonce and everyone. See above.

G-Eazy rests his hand on Britney’s face and attempts to pull her in, but the “Make Me” singer puts a stop to it right quick. She grabs the rapper’s arm and shoves off before throwing in a head shake and a “no” for good measure. And just look at Gerald’s reaction. That’s the face of a man who knows that Key & Peele‘s (painfully accurate) description of him as “someone who looks like he knows the names of all the parts of a boat” will go down as the second-most embarrassing thing that happened to him at the VMAs.

It was a little thing that probably would have passed into the ether immediately in any other era. So, of course, Twitter noticed:

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(via BroBible)